Protected: Apprentice Program

This program is designed to proficiently train personnel in the construction, maintenance, and operation of an electrical distribution system. It is not designed or intended to train for transmission voltages. These position descriptions are intended to set out degrees of proficiency required by each level on non-exempt outside line positions defining scope and responsibilities of each, and establishing standards for performance and promotion.

These positions are necessary to carry out effectively both overhead and underground line construction, operations, maintenance, and restoration of service of electrical transmission, substation, and distribution systems.

This Training, Progression, and Advancement Program is established to formalize a Lineman Apprenticeship Program to provide a means that will ensure that all your linemen have the same opportunity for advancement within a consistent system of evaluation, advancement, and training.

This program can be structured in any way to meet your individual training needs. The proficiencies can be added to or moved to different progression levels. The years allotted for completion may be extended or shortened; it is recommended that the program be at least 4 years. A representative of the Electric Power Association of Mississippi’s Safety and Loss Control will be available to assist you in developing the program to fit your needs.

This program is an organized written plan of specific level of evaluations embodying the terms and conditions of progression, training, and supervision in an electrical lineman occupation. This training will consist of courses and demonstrated competencies divided into 5 parts, with each part containing several levels of training. Completion of each course or competencies will prepare an employee for duties assigned to the levels of progression.

CEM LAP Workbooks and Answers